For sale due change in circumstance 1 pair of egyptian tortoises. 3.5 years old hatched may 2005 and come from 2 different blood lines. Price: £1,100: Description: egyptian tortoises ( testudo kleinmanni ) for sale last 2 uk c/b babies with article 10. The Testudo Kleinmanni is highly prized by collectors and sold in the local markets as pets. Boy was i out in my estimates! here ya go. egyptian tortoises ( testudo kleinmanni ) for sale wanna buy me one? it will take me until easter to save up that kind of cash.

The Tortoise Trust strongly opposes the sales of endangered species at animal. The Testudo kleinmanni is listed on the Red List of IUCN and is included in the Washington Convention, CITES Appendix I. Its collection and sale is strictly prohibited. Tortoises for sale on an Alexandria street corner: photo by Robert Ragozinno, 1996. Specialising in Captive bred Mediterranean tortoises for sale to UK residents. Testudo kleinmanni have existed for as long as we know in the fragile, narrow, coastal strip of.
Testudo kleinmanni

Accounts and observation with - Testudo kleinmanni
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